Saturday, May 26, 2012

Merles activities…

This morning bright and early I joined a group of Australian and New Zealand lady crafters.  

The ladies admired and enjoyed my work........ :-)

The queen bee and her court

Some things are not confined to the US as a fast-food nation!!!!!

One of the lady”s had brought projects with to teach and charge the grand amount of $2.50 for the materials, per project. 

Today was a cupcake pin cushion, which was a lot of fun.  This pin cushion will be for Maddie, who is a budding seamstress.  

She is following in her great grandmother’s footsteps.  My mom sewed beautifully and made many of my clothes while I was a teenager.

Tomorrow morning the project will be a scissor holder In the shape of a shoe.

Must now go and get ready for the formal dinner tonight, black skirt, black top and of course a Swarovski necklace


  1. Love the pin cushion! Showed Maddie, she is looking forward to seeing your projects! Noonie makes friends everywhere!

  2. iPhone slipper shoe holders - This could be the next BIG thing!