Monday, July 16, 2012

At Sea ..... the final lap

As we sail the four days from Shetland Islands to Halifax we have to start getting back into the mindset of what Merle calls “the real world”. Its true that we live on board in a state of somewhat suspended animation but I’m actually more OK with that than she. I’ve done the real world. Been there.

More to the point we are sailing in the Grand Banks right now – another place warm and cold currents intersect; another great fishing ground; thick mists and cool air.

We have passed within 350 miles of the final resting place of the Titanic. Tonight we’ll be 40 miles off St Johns, Newfoundland.

Halifax is our next stop – our pilgrimage to the burial ground of Titanic victims – recovered by sailors who went out after the tragedy to recover the remains. There is a Maritime Museum there that houses a Titanic exhibit.

Should be Interesting

Parenthetically, the Captains noon announcement informed us that there are no icebergs in our vicinity – apparently we now have really good early warning systems

On the other hand, we remain on “Red Alert’ on board ship because of a major outbreak of viral gastroenteritis brought on board by passengers embarking in Dover. Affected individuals are quarantined. We are no longer allowed to serve ourselves with any food or drink. The library is closed for disinfection. Surfaces are washed down every hour. Apparently we have no early warning system for those bearing the plague. A bell should precede them like in the old days.

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  1. Appears this route isn't the safest for cruises. You got hit by a stomach bug and we know what hit the Titanic.