Sunday, July 1, 2012

Civitaveccia - a day off

How can one explain taking it easy for a day when the life you are living is one long holiday? Its the guilt thing maybe? Today we docked in Civitaveccia which is the port for Rome. All the tours were organized to take us to Rome you could see the Colliseum, The Vatican inside and out, The Forum etc etc.

Three things though. First today was a church holiday of some description sp religious sites were off the menu; Second, a feeling of been there done that as far as the usual sights were concerned and third, just felt lazy.
So, we docked in Civitaveccia and we decided that was it! This place is interesting in and of itself. We will spend the day here. Our friend Jay was actually the person that convinced us but, hey, we can take responsibility.
So, my friends. No blog of Rome.
Now, turns out Civitaveccia has a history too. It has served as Romes port since the 13th Century when the original port (Ostia at the mouth of the Tiber river) silted up.
There are old buildings here a Fort completed in 1557 by Michelangelo no less. But what was really quite fun was that it is a regular small city.

There are even button stores to interest the beaders among us

Ladies do their shopping early and catch a bus home

Moms take their daughters to work and have them keep busy by playing Lego outside.

There was a small supermarket where you could buy Italian wines at reasonable prices and beers from all over the EU. I got so carried away I mistakenly bought a non-alcoholic beer!!!
Its Friday so there was a Market selling all the requisite fresh items fruit and Veg, fish, cheeses and meat. Very cool

Was able to find a free Wi Fi site (at a Subway believe it or not) and could sit there for a short while, drink a beer (at Subway????) and post the Sorrento blog.
Had an ice cream while walking along the beachfront saw this sculpture (of the iconic Victory Day Times Square Kiss Why, one might ask. Why indeed perhaps because this is not Rome.
Tomorrow Florence. That we are doing

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