Friday, June 1, 2012


Weather sucks in mid-ocean. Rough seas. Overcast. Rain. Wind. Apparently beginning the monsoon season.

The good thing is that we could do our piracy drill. We will soon be entering the Indian Ocean and the declared zone. Weather like this is apparently good for us but not for pirates – they are in little boats and will get swamped.

Captain tells us we are too big for them anyway (big climb up to our decks) and we have security; fire hoses; rockets and flares and a direct line to the Royal Navy that has a big presence here together with others.

Anyway, the pirates are all at home in this weather watching TV – Syrians killing each other; World economic chaos; sharing of body parts between Israel and terrorist sponsors; Queenies anniversary.

Written a bit later ………. Clearly one can be bored to death; had a collapse in one of the lounges today followed by a “Code Red”, failed resuscitation and shocked observers.

Someone at the next door table on discussing this event says “ not a bad way to go, on a cruise ship having a good time…….” hmmmmm

Mumbai upcoming then we are on a roll. Cant wait


  1. couldn't this have been a day to work on the secret project? There has only been one reference and I'm waiting for more!

  2. Lol, lael.... Oh, poor person who died on your cruise. Did they make some kind of announcement, or is it the kind of news that just spreads word of mouth style?