Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mykonos – so near yet ……..

We were really looking forward to the day in Mykonos – had no plans to tour but rather take the ferry into the harbor (it is a ferry port – the ship anchors out at sea) and then wander the town.

I had this vision of blue cloudless skies, warm sun, whitewashed buildings hard on the eye, frisky tourists and Greek Coffee at a café with wireless internet access.

Sadly, much of this might have been true but reaching shore was the issue! The wind was blowing in gusts up to 58 mph, the seas were very rough and it was deemed unsafe for the tenders to ferry us into dock.

So, this was the view I had of the island (which I have never visited) and, after a vague effort at a sailby while we got permissions from our next port to arrive early, on we went to Istanbul.

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