Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dubai at night

Since Dubai was a disembarkation / embarkation port – the end of the first leg of our trip – we remained in port until 11pm.

The evening was balmy and we stood on the balcony of our cabin to enjoy the evening, a glass of wine and observe the comings and goings below.

Decided to take this picture of the QE II all lit up with nowhere to go; also to try and get a shot of the Dubai skyline – a difficult proposition given that it was still very hazy. With the eye of faith, however, you can make out a vertical string of lights that is the Burj Khalifa

While we were standing there two vehicles raced up – lights flashing. An ambulance and accompanying support car. A short while later (as you can see) one of the passengers was wheeled out and into the ambulance and off to local hospital. She apparently collapsed in one of the lounges and provided more concern to the ships (South African) Medical crew than they could deal with, so off she went.

Handicapping Australian vs US passengers would lead you to bet on those from Oz.
The evidence: World Cruise1 from Fort Lauderdale – first expiry almost immediate; a medical departure at almost every port;

World Cruise2 from Sydney – three weeks to reach similar milestones

So much to ponder when you have time on your hands

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  1. Huh? you had someone leave the ship at every port last go around? I assume that she is done for the duration... or will she re-emerge somewhere along the way?