Wednesday, June 6, 2012


You may think that all of this travel is high minded history, geography and socioeconomic studies...... but noooooo - we have time for fun too.

some get their jollies by watching Australian State of Origin Rugby League under the stars. They seem to get into the mood by dressing up with strange colored wigs and drinking beer but - hey

Some love Queenie and spent their time watching all the Jubilee celebrations. I am cynical to the extreme about the hereditary right of kings or queens so only really enjoy things like old guys getting bladder infections.......

yet others (probably many more) love the overwhelming display of desserts that appear on occasion. you can see the looks of concentration on their faces.

I on the other hand have .... "the project" ........ yet to be completed and revealed



  1. finally...6 words about "the project"? Its like a show on AMC...WHAT IS IT?!

  2. hmm.... I know what "the projectS" are... they are a low-income subsidized housing communities that surround my island of single family homes. sigh. What's with the bladder infection? is that what sidelined Prince Phillip?